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Road Network Systems Management

Road Network Systems Management


  • Monitoring/Traffic counts & surveys, Road safety advice for Local Body
  • Resource Consent Applications


Ward has much experience in auditing and surveillance for Consulting Engineers, Duffill Watts and King, previously contracted to Transit NZ to maintain the state highway network in the Eastern Waikato. The Network comprised the Matamata-Piako, Hauraki, Thames and Coromandel Peninsula areas.

Network Systems Management includes identifying and actioning non-complying signage, property access entranceways, roadside vendors, road markings and signage and other miscellaneous safety issues relating to the efficient & effective operation of the roading network.

Ward has proven knowledge and skills in both the technical requirements of the task as well as the ability to conduct on-site meetings and negotiate a successful outcome with in a wide sector of the community. In addition, Ward’s experience at working at a strategic level ensures the wider issues are included as part of the consultation and decision making process.

Ward’s role as Network Systems Manager required weekly surveillance of the 546 km of state highway network in the Eastern Waikato area as well as maintaining close liaison with the engineers responsible for each district. A Network Systems Manager is an integral member of an engineering team.

An example of a non-complying sign on the state-highway network.